· Jul 13, 2021

How to access files in shared folder with Healthconnet or Cache

How to access files in shared folder with Healthconnet or Cache?Thx!(Read or write,not local file)大家好,我想请教一个问题,如何在Health Connect实现访问共享文件夹的文件 (对文件进行读取或者写入操作,非本地文件)

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Hello Michael,

I'll post this on Li's original post as well, but if this is on Windows I suspect this is an issue with using the default SYSTEM account. See the following doc:

Installing InterSystems IRIS on Microsoft Windows > Windows User Accounts

"When installing InterSystems IRIS, you must choose the Windows user account to run the InterSystems service. There are two options:

The default SYSTEM account (Windows Local System account). This is used in Minimal security installations.

A defined Windows user account.

Running the Windows InterSystems service under the default SYSTEM account is appropriate for many installations, but in some cases can cause issues relating to file permissions and network security access. If you anticipate potential problems in these areas for an InterSystems IRIS instance, for example due to your network configuration or security arrangements, specify an account for the Windows InterSystems service that has the needed privileges and/or access, such as a domain administrator account.

For instructions on how to change the service account after installation, see the Managing Windows User Access to the InterSystems IRIS Instance section."

Changing the InterSystems Service Account

<install-dir>\bin\IRISinstall.exe setserviceusername <instance-name> <username> <password>