Paul Riker · Oct 31, 2016

Hourly Scheduled Task

I'm trying to schedule a task hourly. It's currently set to execute "Daily" but run every 60 minutes. It's only running daily. Do I need to change the "Daily" to OnDemand in order to get it to run hourly?

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What do you mean ?

To get this task running every hour every day, you should use Daily, and set every 60 minutes or 1 hours, and set a limit for this task in days time, like working only in business hours. And you can also use Weekly and Monthly schedule, with working every hours. It means that you can set task to work only in working days at business hours every hour.

And OnDemand tasks, will run only by manual, and will be run only once after start.

Edit the task and go to the second page of the Task Scheduler by clicking 'Next'.  You should see a screen like this one where you can modify the daily and weekly options.