Omar Ali Ateen · Sep 2, 2020

hijri date

Hello all

How can I convert cache date to hijri date format in object secript.

please help.

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Hi Eduard

thank you for your help . dformat from 18 to 21 not working, only working into 17.

if you want the date in Hijri format you will have to update.

Hi Omar,

Here you have the values

w $ZDT($H,18)
14 Muharram 1442 12:22:31
w $ZDT($H,19)
14 1 1442 12:22:37
w $ZDT($H,20)
14 Muharram 1442 12:22:40
w $ZDT($H,21)
14 1 1442 12:22:44

Hi Dani

thank you for your response, I tried your code but not functional. working only with value from 1-17 like $ZDT($H,17).

Hi Omar, 

on older versions we have used a simple Global which contains all dates until 1500 by $h = hijri and hijri = $h . You can download it from my server under:

then simply use: 

W ^hijri(+$h)


W ^hijri("28/01/1442")


Hi Omar Ateen

You can create persistent class and store both gregorian and hijri dates. Once done you can create function to get hijri date by passing gregorian date.


try this function

Write $zdate($zdateh("2021-09-24",3),19),!