· Oct 9, 2019

Help with ERROR #5002: ObjectScript error: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>...Source,Ens.StreamContainer

I'm trying to convert a CSV inbound to an HL7 MFN^M16 outbound.  I know I'm using book information as the CSV but I don't think that matters.  Please let me know if that's incorrect. 

My service is reading the file in just fine and when I don't have a DLT transformer the raw message passes through to outbound file folder just fine.  However, when I include a basic DLT that simply copies a couple of fields over I get the "Ens.StreamContainer" error.  Everything also seems to be good in the Record Mapper.

I've been working through the documentation but I don't see anything that helps with this specific error.



What am I missing?



Record Mapper


The Rule


The Transformer Builder


Example CSV File:

"Kevin J. Anderson"|"Ruins (The X-Files)"|9780061057366|"Mass Market Paperback"|264|"HarperCollins"|"Feb 01, 1997"|"Mystery Fiction, Radio And Television Novels, Science Fiction, Suspense Fiction"|"May 18, 2018"



ERROR #5002: ObjectScript error: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+7^Pkg.DTLCSVBooks001.1 *%Source,Ens.StreamContainer +
ERROR #5002: ObjectScript error: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+9^Pkg.DTLCSVBooks001.1 *Author,Ens.StreamContainer +
ERROR #5002: ObjectScript error: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+11^Pkg.DTLCSVBooks001.1 *Title,Ens.StreamContainer +
ERROR #5002: ObjectScript error: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+13^Pkg.DTLCSVBooks001.1 *AddedDate,Ens.StreamContainer


IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2019.1 (Build 510_0_18883U) Mon Apr 1 2019 14:26:51 EDT [HealthConnect:1.1.1]


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I had it that way yes.  I've created a new Service with Classname "EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FileService" and set the RecordMap to the correct one I'm using.  I ran into some issues but they were tweaks in the CSV file.  The Genre field was too long so I shortened the data.

Now when I play CSV file through the file is picked up, and disappears.  Nothing is happening within IRIS.  The Process never gets the file according to the logs.