Paul Reesman · Apr 18, 2016

Healthshare Clinician Portal Documents not Mapping

We are receiving XML documents and storing them. When we click to go into the clinician portal and again to view a patient, we can see the documents but none of the data is mapped to their respective buckets, i.e. allergies or medications.

I am thinking that I need to build an XSLT parser and change the format to SDA3, is this an appropriate approach? Or would using the Data Transformation (Ensemble -> Build -> Data Transformation) be a better idea? Lastly, if the XSLT idea is preferred, where would I call it within the stack?

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Hi Paul,

what type of XML documents are you receiving (CCDA/CCD?) and how are you getting them into the exchange (IHE?).  What version of HealthShare are you running?


-- Alex