James Bourette · Jul 14, 2016

Having trouble with server connection in build 199 and 200

I'm having trouble with build 199 and 200 with the server connection. It seems it's forgotten the password to the server and I'm unable to update it.

Any suggestions?

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There is an eclipse bug with secure storage on the mac (I guess you are on the mac right). You have to delete the storage and recreate it. This I believe is possible from the preferences menu. There is no known fix for this at present.

This is happening on Windows also in Version: 1.1.121.   Deleting storage and  restarting Atelier solved this problem.

If this happens too often,  uncheck everything but "UI Prompt" in

Preferences/General/Security/Secure Storage/Master password providers

Then delete storage on Contents tab.

Atelier will create a master password and will ask you for it on every startup. This is annoying,  but sometimes better than having to recreate connections from scratch.