· Jul 31, 2021

GUID reference(s) missing from stream ****

Hi everyone,
I met this Jenkins build problem when commit to P4.

ERROR #5001: GUID reference(s) missing from stream websys/TranslationType/questionnaire.QCNXXCVD.Edit/68D7225A-DE63-11EB-AF4C-005056B66BA0.xml; 35551C28-0C38-11EB-A1C8-005056B66BA0

So how can I solve this problem. Would anybody help me?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hello Wanbo Wang,

This error means that you have some element modified in TrakCare as Site level (or deleted), but the Questionnaire is Region Level. To solve this issue, you should check in TrakCare what GUID is missing:

Tools >> Change Control >> Find GUID


Check which component should have been saved as Region level or has been removed.

Once you have it saves as Region Level you will be able to commit to P4.

I checked in Perforce and it seems the component was deleted on 6 november 2020 with JIRA TC-260035 but recreated on 1st august 2021 with JIRA TC-301371.




So your problem should have been solved.