· Nov 3, 2019

Google Cloud IRIS Health Community Edition, where is iris?

Hi all, New user here. I have an instance of Google Cloud Iris Health Community Edition running and am logged in on terminal. I follow the instructions for Google Cloud IRIS Health Community Edition. How do I get to iris? iris status yields nothing, there is no /bin/iris and sudo docker ps -a shows no containers but there probably is a iris container somewhere on the instance?  'Visit the site' yields ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED 

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Hi Ignacio,

It looks like the container does not run automatically by the GCP launcher.  I was able to start it manually:

leblanc@intersystems-iris-health-community-editio-2-vm:~$ sudo docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
leblanc@intersystems-iris-health-community-editio-2-vm:~$ sudo docker images
REPOSITORY                TAG                   IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
intersystems/irishealth   2019.1.0S.111.0-gcp   a39d75e7a42b        9 months ago        1.61GB
leblanc@intersystems-iris-health-community-editio-2-vm:~$ sudo docker run -d -p 52773:52773 --name iris --init intersystems/irishealth:2019.1.0S.111.0-gcp

Then I can launch the Management Portal, log in with SuperUser/SYS (then prompted to change my password), and use the instance.

I'll follow up internally to make sure the environment launches as intended, or at least see that the instructions are modified if this is how it is intended to work.


Okay, _SYSTEM worked. How do I get a ton of RPMS code
 into IRIS under the circumstances? I am very familiar with Unix, Linux, filesystems, etc I know git and github enough to dislike it but my vote doesn't count. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there seems to be quite a bit of wrapping around all of this with docker and web interfaces. General importation steps would be nice. -- IV

I wasn't sure what RPMS was, but a Google search tells me it's an application for Indian Health Service. Are you trying to migrate the app from Caché to IRIS? Or is it already on IRIS and you want to know how to run it inside a Docker container? Or none of the above? The steps would be different depending on your answer.

Given that we're pretty far nested into a comment thread on an unrelated topic, I would recommend you either create a new DC post with more detail/background, or contact your Sales Engineer for advice on how to proceed with your migration or project.


It appears that your link is to a Docker image of the application installed on YottaDB, a fork of GT.M. I followed the link at the bottom of the page to the FOIA release page:

After downloading the latest copy and skimming the documentation, this release includes a CACHE.DAT database and extensive installation and configuration instructions for Caché. If you want to run the application on InterSystems IRIS, you would do better to start there than the YottaDB-based image.

For a container deployment, there are three things you'll want to be aware of: durable %SYS, bind mounts, and ports.

I believe that durable %SYS is covered in the documentation. Basically, it will store all of the database and mapping configuration that you do outside of the container.

You'll need a bind mount for durable %SYS, and for the RPMS database.

You'll want to export the web server port so that you can access the management portal.

One other suggestion: if you're new to InterSystems IRIS and/or containers, you may want to start with Docker locally on your system before tackling a cloud deployment.

Good luck, and have fun.