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Global Summit 2022: Health Connect Tips & Tricks Session Summary

Watch the session here: HealthShare Health Connect: Tips & Tricks

Enhanced HL7 V2 Productions

1. Review of Interface Settings: Ensure these are set purposefully! (Documentation linked)


Review of Recent Product Features 

(Documentation Linked)

1. HL7 V2 Schema Editor

  • Drag & Drop tooling for faster schema editing!
  • Note: Add-on segments may be made optional if starting from a generic schema.

2. DTL Editor Enhancements

  • Improved UI and functionality including Switch/Case, Group, Comment, Copy & Paste
  • Reduction of writing code with common boolean statements available!

3. Rule Editor Testing

  • New tab in the Rule Editor "test" to test input data iterating through the transformation!
  • The test will provide the parsed message, what sends occurred, and layout a detailed rule logging showing what rules passed!

4. Port Authority

  • Easy to see display of a multi-production environment and the ports in use.
  • This enterprise level dashboard can be used to allocate appropriate resources!

5. Interface Maps

  • Easy to see, high-level management of all potential routes in a production.
  • Can be used by non-technical users otuside of the production screen to view all mappings, possible destinations, and view the entire message route!

Upcoming: NEW Rule Editor Enhancements underway!


Purging Strategies

1. Consider Organizational Needs for:

  • Available disk space
  • Store Duration
  • Testing purge tasks
    • Best practice to check: BodiesToo to avoid orphaned messages!
  • Configuration


Storage Best Practices

1. Reviewing what is potentially eating up disk space

2. Review Database Details: Database Freespace

  • Best Practice: Set Expansion Size setting as default or "0: to allow a max expansion of 1GB.

3. Monitor Message Volume

  • Add ENS.Activity.Operation.Local Business Operation to enable statistics for the production
  • Review & Set: RecordStatsInterval and StorageNamespace
  • Review TotalDuration and TotalCount in System Explorer's SQL Ens_Activity Days, Hours, Seconds as well as SiteDimension to compare message types!

4. Purge Activity Data Task

  • When adding the ENS.Activity.Operation.Local Business Operation, it will store activity data on local disk. 
  • Make sure to ALSO CREATE a purge task to avoid storing data when you no longer need it on your local file.


Exporting Considerations

Data Streams Best Practices

  • Ensure file streams are not clogging the C drive unexpectedly; store with global streams instead.
  • When purging messages, also kill the data stream!

Export Rules (Experimental)

  • To validate and create source control, you can export all code from the production and perform daily checks against a test environment.
  • This can be automated in the background to make sure the production is up to date.
  • You may want an alerting system in place for unwanted changes if your product is subject to this.
  • See recording of the Global Summit 2022 Session: Health Connect Tips & Tricks for Orlando Health's segment on this experimental project. 
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