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Global Summit 2016 - Keep Your Application Agile

Presenter: Alain Houf
Guest Speaker: Joop van Uden of Philips Healthcare
Task: Evolve your data model as you build your application
Approach: Provide a real-world example of how to leverage the flexibility of the document data model and how to easily integrate it into existing environments

Description: Come and learn how you can leverage new technology like the document data model in your current environment. We will explore a customer use case that managed to include this brand new technology within weeks in their current application stack and start to benefit from it.

Problem: Tools that help you build a stable backend, sometimes are in the way when you need to evolve.

Solution: Use flexible data models like the document data model for areas where you have to evolve constantly and mix and match it with the power of the OO and relational model.

Dependencies: Most value if session "The Power of Handling Data without a Schema" was attended before.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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