· May 30, 2018

Git / Atelier question

I posted a question here about a week ago about GIT. I believe we understand it well enough to use. We are still trying to determine the best flow for our needs.

But now the question is how do we integrate this with GIT?

We are new to both Git and Atelier and would love to get advice.

Currently I  believe the flow would be something like this:

1.Create a branch from our origin repository (let's say Ticket 123 branch)

2.Download that branch locally to our PCs with Cache running a local instance

3. Checkout Ticket 123 branch locally

4. Create a project in Atelier (let's say Ticket 123 project) and point it to a working folder (not the Ticket 123 git branch)

5. Import the files that you need from Ticket 123 git branch into your Ticket 123 project

6. Make your modifications

7. Copy those modified files from the working folder into the Ticket 123 branch folder

8. Push the local branch into  the origin branch.

Is this the way we should work with Atelier/Git? Or would you recommend something completely different?

Thank you in advance for any response.

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why are you doing the separate step of checking out your sources outside of eclipse/Atelier? You can do that directly in there, which would simplify your workflow to something like this:

  1. Checkout repository in EGit into an Atelier project
  2. Create ticket123 branch
  3. Make your modifications
  4. Submit your modifications into the branch
  5. Merge branch into master as necessary


Hi Nicole,

I will check those resources out.

We will not generally be working with different projects. We will usually be working with the same project and making modifications to them like adding a new routine to an existing MAC, adding a button to a Zen page, etc.

We have been testing our process using git with Studio, but now it looks like we are going to use Atelier.

We have a server repository (in Bitbucket) that currently contains XML copies of our MACs and CLSs files. We create a branch from there and pull it down locally to our own personal environment (local Cache instance).

When working with our current task (modifications, new functionalites, etc), we import the needed files into our Cache instance and make our changes. We made hooks to export to XML the files we are working with when we compile.

When done, we commit these changes locally and then push them back to the server (Bitbucket).

What changes now with Atelier besides the files being saved automatically in UDL format when compiling?

To second Fabian, this process can be made easier by making use of Atelier projects.

You can think of an Atelier project as a place to store a unit of work. An Atelier project will typically store all of the files directly related to a particular application, feature, etc. Each Atelier project is configured with a server connection and namespace where code can be compiled and run. You do not necessarily need to create a new project each time you launch Atelier or add something to source control.

There are a number of videos on the InterSystems Learning Services website on this topic (using Atelier with Git/source control). A few that I think will be the most useful:

You may also want to take a look at the Learning Services course catalog. You can filter this by videos related to Atelier. There are a lot of great introductory and more in-depth videos.