· Aug 27, 2020

Getting FHIR information using SQL


In my previous articles, one of the most exciting things about FHIR that I mentioned it's the wide range of possibilities that we have and not only for creating something but the ways to achieve this goal.

My articles are sharing my experience working with FHIR. I was using only the FHIR Resources provided by the API. Retrieving and updating the FHIR Resources on the FHIR Server using javascript with the help of fhir.js

Today I am releasing a new version of my app using a different approach this time. 

One of the things that I imagined was when you realize the same lab tests over time; the best way to compare the results is through charts! 

They give you a better perspective of your evolution over time. 

Thinking about that, I introduce to you the chart module for laboratory results!

All information provided on this page was retrieved, making usage of SQL Schema of FHIR Resources.

Using HSFHIR_I0001_R.Rsrc and HSFHIR_I0001_S.Patient, I got all information that I need to create this page. 

That's what I like the most, the freedom to choose! 

You can try the new chart for laboratory results here!
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