· Jun 20, 2023

getting this error after installation of IRIS on MAC

Unable to run iris terminal as well as on management portal I am getting permission error.

ERROR in page definition:
Error #940: Insufficient privilege for operation

I already have created a User - irisusr and group - irisusr

if I am running sudo iris terminal IRIS command then it open terminal But earlier it was working fine.

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This error is coming out of IRIS rather than the OS.  To determine what is happening would require knowing the authentication method you are using and the IRIS user you are attempting to log in as.  At first glance I would believe that your organization is in the process of tightening security.  If this worked before and does not work now then the IRIS permissions that control access to Terminal have been removed from your user.   I would discuss this with your system administrators to determine what has changed and have access restored if that is in keeping with policy.

Due to this involving aspects of your security, if you need further assistance I would encourage you to contact InterSystems support rather than share details here.  The contact numbers are:

+1-617-621-0700 (US)

+44 (0) 844 854 2917 (UK)

0800615658 (NZ Toll Free)

1800 628 181 (Aus Toll Free)