Birun Balami · Dec 5, 2017

Getting Current Day in Cache

Hi Everyone,

I want to get current day name in cache. Does anyone know how to do that?

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Hi Birun,

Try this 

w $ZD($H,12)


Just 2c to add. If a "national" locale is effective, e.g.


and the setting was done before Caché restart:

%SYS>set ^SYS("NLS","Config","LocaleFormat")=1

you will get your national day name if don't forget to set localeopt=0, e.g.

USER>f localeopt=0,1 w localeopt," ",$ZD($h,12,,,,,,,,localeopt),!
0 Среда
1 Wednesday

It's also possible to achieve the same overriding format defaults for the current process (see $ZDATE description for details). I emphasized the need in Caché restart just because didn't find it in docs.

not sure which "day" you want, so try this and you can take your pick of the format you want.

f i=1:1:13 w !,i,"-",$zd($h,i)

For current process

USER>f fmt="enuw","rusw","current","" do ##class(%SYS.NLS.Format).%New(fmt) w !,fmt,?10,$zd($h,11),?15,$zd($h,12)
enuw      Wed  Wednesday
rusw      Сре  Среда
current   St   středa
          Wed  Wednesday

Or for all new processes, without restart

%SYS>write $zd($h,12)
%SYS>Set ^SYS("NLS","Config","LocaleFormat")=1
%SYS>write $zd($h,12)
%SYS>Do Locale^NLSLOAD("rusw")
%SYS>write $zd($h,12)


This option: 


seems to be more safe as switching the default representation for $ZD($h,12) may ruin already existing functionality that is expecting English days' names.

To be honest, I'd prefer application level localization, just because not all possible languages are supported by Caché.

Look at the documentation, there are some formats available to use in the $zdate function. Where 11 (abbreviated) and 12(full) looks like what you need.

write $zdate($h, 11)

Write $zdate($h, 12)