· Dec 9, 2023

Get Inspired: Winners of InterSystems FHIR challenge at European Healthcare Hackathon 2023

Hi Developers, 

We'd like to highlight some outstanding projects created during the European Healthcare Hackathon 2023 in Prague. 

Participants were presented with nine real-world healthcare challenges by IKEM and AstraZeneca.  
InterSystems introduced to the participants an opportunity to use the FHIR repository and perform FHIR availability into their solutions by providing FHIR cloud services on AWS.

Meet the winners of our challenge:

1st place Čarodějové (PathoSync)

"The PathoSync software is a solid base for complex pathologist platforms. With the use of custom mapping, any laboratory can project their data into FHIR7 standard, which soon will be mandatory worldwide. This makes the digitalization process smoother. The connection with InterSystems assures quality and implements many healthcare features. Furthermore, the GDPR norms are strictly followed using the FHIR server based in Europe, so the usage of software follows the European standards."

Project details | Video presentation | GitHub link 1 link 2

2nd place ICU SPYEYES (Vital Vision)

"The ICU requires a system to automatically record video loops capturing key activities like patient and personnel movements. This system will allow retrospective annotations by humans, pre-annotate and identify persons, and optionally blur patient faces. It aims to collect data for developing future patient surveillance algorithms in hospitals. 

We've developed a system for the ICU that utilizes motion detection, LLM, and standard CV techniques for video analysis. It builds an annotated video database essential for training algorithms focused on patient monitoring. Our solution generates structured reports and videos shared via FHIR, ensuring efficient data handling. Quality is enhanced by manual review through the open-source platform CVAT, optimizing our real-time alarm system for monitoring patient recovery."

Project details | Video Presentation | GitHub 

3rd place VariantCall (PathoX)

"End-to-end solution PathoX is a platform for easy data ingestion, feature extraction and mapping to enhance pathologists’ workflow. An importer workflow supports the mapping of columns and notifies users about missing information. We use FHIR to guarantee future interoperability and compliance with future legislation. Pathologists can also highlight and leave comments on the data, as in their usual workflows, and look at analytics on all files."

Project details | Video Presentation | GitHub 

Well done, congratulations!
We are looking forward to seeing how your projects are developing into innovative and impactful startups!



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