Héctor Mancilla · Jan 6, 2021

Get file size from SFTP Service

Hi Everyone!

I try to get the file size from an Archive in a SFTP service. The input is a %Stream.Object.

I'm trying to use input.Size or input.SizeGet() but i´ve got the next error:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance  =D

Product version:
IRIS 2019.1
2 0 3 145
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What does $classname(pInput) return?

As Eduard suggests, you need to know the class that the pInput object is derived from as it doesn't seem to be a valid Stream if .Size fails.

It also looks like you might be expecting a file as you retrieve the name so why not use the %File class if the file already exists.

In fact, noting how you get the Filename using the Attributes method this looks like the pInput object is a response with content which means the actual stream will be in pInput.Content