· Apr 27, 2021

Get FHIR resource content as stream


I am looking for a way to retrieve stream data from a FHIR resource. In my case the resourceType is "DocumentReference" and the the Base64 content is stored just as in the FHIR R4 specification

 "resource": {
        "meta": {
          "profile": [
        "content": [
            "attachment": {

I am interested in the data field but was not able to find a suitable method yet to access the contents of field data as a stream.

In an upward process step I´ve transformed the received FHIR bundle using HS.FHIR.DTL.vR4.Model.Resource.Bundle to retrieve a bundle object model. That way I was able to work with the contents of the bundle and am now at the point to use the document. Anyway using the contents of "data" would require a stream to retrieve for further processing. Is there any way the framework can be used to accomplish this?

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Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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