Get default CSP-App Name for a Namespace

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I am looking foi an API to retrieve one namespace´s default web application name. We have use some code to setup links to event log/mesage trace for monitoring emails. In perticular we did this with ensemble where the default csp webapplication name always is something like csp/<namespace/. Anyway when it comes to a healthshare installation the default path seems to be csp/healthshare/<namespace>.

To have an easy solution working for an ensemble and healthshare environment I rather like to use an API instead of evaluationg the kind of installation and then hardcoding the links to use. Is there something around to use?

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I'm getting 

5927 Unable to load page '%1' because its class name conflicts with the class '%2' that is already loaded

error after a healthshare install.

I wonder if I can go into the management portal and edit the Web application for my particular csp/<namespace>  to point to /csp/healthshare/<namespace> rather than pointing to csp/<namespace> to fix this. 

Did you write manual code to handle the namespace or was you ever able to get this working?