Yone Moreno · Jun 8, 2021

Generate random number with 4 digits

Hello, first of all thanks for your time reading this question and thank you for your replies


We would need some help

We are trying to create a function to generate a random number with always 4 digits


We have already read the following topics:



How would you recommend to write a function to handle this use case?


Thanks for your time, replies, and advice

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Try these two variants

write $extract($random(10000) _ "0000", 1, 4)
write $random(10)_$random(10)_$random(10)_$random(10)

Thanks Dmitry it is very helpful

There's a standard method for it:

write ##class(%PopulateUtils).Integer(min, max)

If you're okay with 0 as a first digit you can use:

write $tr($j($random(10000),4)," ", 0)

Note, that $random is preudo-random, if you require strictly random values you should use the GenCryptRand() method of the %SYSTEM.Encryption class.

Thanks Eduard Lebedyuk because you gave as a detailed explanation