· Jan 23

GenAI Crowdsourcing Mini-Contest by InterSystems Innovation Acceleration Program

Hi Community,

Thank you for participating in our recent mini-contest! We received many great ideas, and we hope you enjoyed the process.

The mastermind of the winning concept will receive 5,000 points, while the astute "investors" in said concept will receive 200 points each.

The Winning Concept: Senior people loneliness

 Loneliness experiences by older people and lack of conversations can negatively impact their mental well-being, concerning their families about difficulties in being able to ask for help on their own.

The Mastermind: Marcelo Dotti

The astute "investors":

Cecilia Brown, Danny, Udo, Lars Barlow-Hansen, Ahmed Tgarguifa, Jimmy N., Dinesh Babu

Congratulations to all!

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