· May 12, 2016

Full series of dates in Time Dimensions in DeepSee


Sometimes, especially when I work with Combined Cubes, I need to have all the dates in Date Dimension, not only members with rows in Fact table.

Is there any way to switch it on?

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As far as I know it is not possible to switch it on.

You might find function DESCENDANTS ( helpful.

For time dimension, all members of the level are generated and available to queries that show empty. This means

SELECT DESCENDANTS([DateOfSale].[YearSold].&[2015],DateOfSale.DaySold) ON 1 FROM HoleFoods

will show all days from 2015 on rows, whether there are facts recorded for those days or not.

Oh. I wanted to use this for Combined Cubes to have shared Date dimension with all the dates. It seems it will not help me, though maybe helpful thing in a lot of other cases. Is there any kind of setting in Architect to introduce all the dates in Dimension>

Unless I should create entries in fact table for all the days even there were no facts in this days for both cubes. Right?

Hello Evgeny,

When you say combined cubes, so you mean Compound cubes?

In any case, I believe that giving the option (in Architect and Studio), to mark a date dimension to include all dates (or a range of years), would be a good enhancement to DeepSee.

Please note that when you add days (DayMonthYear function type) as a filter, you will get a calendar popup that will include all dates, and allow you to select a range, so the enhancement request will only apply to other time functions (Year, MonthYear etc.).



Asaf Sinay