· Oct 23, 2018

First Video from Global Summit 2018: Accelerating Time-to-Productivity

Hi Community!

It's time for new videos from Global Summit 2018 on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel! Are you ready?

Please welcome the first session recording from Global Summit 2018:

Accelerating Time-to-Productivity


Need to get your team trained on InterSystems products quickly? Watch this video to learn how you can get your employees up to speed and add value to your company - fast! Hear how other InterSystems' clients have created successful teams using Learning Services content as one piece of the puzzle, and how you can too!

Takeaway: InterSystems Learning Services can help me quickly onboard new employees and grow the skill sets of existing employees.

Presenters: @James Breen and @Douglas Foster 

Big applause for these speakers, thank you guys!  yes

Additional materials to the video you can find in this InterSystems Online Learning Course.

And what's new on InterSystems Developers YouTube?

We have created a new dedicated Global Summit 2018 playlist.  It will be updated over time.

Enjoy and stay tuned! 

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