Kelly Blake · Dec 10, 2019

File transfer to Microsoft SharePoint online (SPO)

Our current file repository was on a linux server, but it has been having issues.  For this reason, we are moving the data to SharePoint online, since we already pay for the service.  It seems there is not an option to ftp/sftp files to/from the SharePoint Online server from our RedHat server (Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2015.2.3 (Build 855_0_17370))

How would I send and receive From the RedHat server to the SPO Server?

I'd love full example code, but any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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How is it related to Cache?

Your files currently stored as data in Cache database or stored as files on your Linux server?

How are you going to use your files stored in SharePoint when you will move it?

Currently, I am creating the file via Cache ObjectScript/routine and then ftping it over to the file share Or pulling the file from the file share via ObjectScript/routine and reading/processing it.

Because we will be moving our data to Sharepoint, I need a connection/transfer method that I can use in my routine in place of the ftp/sftp that is currently being used because Sharepoint doesn't allow the ftp/sftp of files.