Dmitriy Maslennikov · Sep 9, 2016

FHIR outside of HealthShare

Some time ago, I was started to work at a new company even in other country, and more important in a different sphere when I have not been worked before, in HealthCare. It's a very new project even for company. Since I have not experience in HealthCare, I looked at what I can use in my project, and found that I should not reinvent the bicycle, and think about how to store all my data which I need and how to get access to this data. And I can use FHIR, which is looks like everything what I need, what else I need it's just a client. But unfortunately I've also found that even InterSystems have worked on FHIR, as I know, it is only in HealthShare, and it means that I still have to do lots of work and should make my version of this API for my needs.

So, question, is it not possible to get this part in Ensemble, because I am limited to use only it, and can't use HealthShare ?

Or maybe I should not use FHIR at all, and I'm going in wrong way ?

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It depends on what you want to achieve with FHIR. After all it's an open specification and implemented in (sort of) REST and JSON (or XML).

If you only need a limited sub-set and don't need to transform to other formats such as HL7v2/3, or need other parts of HS, then you can easily implement it yourself.

For now, I need only Data Model and API to get access, in time when even do not have any data model. 
Yes, I know, that we are already have documented api, and will be easier to implement, but I still need some time.

Ok, maybe someone know some testing tool for API, some unit test which can get my base url, and test all functions in that API and says that everything works by standard?