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Ready to use demo of an FHIR Server with IRIS for Health 2020.2 :
* HL7v2 transformation to the FHIR Server
* FHIR Server who can be query in SQL

alt text


Clone this repository

git clone


docker-compose up --build -d


  • Can use postman config in misc/fhirhl7v2demo.postman_collection.json

  • Use UX at http://localhost:4201

  • Login/Password : SuperUser/password

How-To use the demo

alt text

3 steps to use it :

Import HL7v2 Messages

Click on the left arrow between IRIS and the ambulance.

This windows open :

alt text

From here you can import samples from this directory in the Git repo :


Select one and click send.

alt text

From here you can click on Message Trace :

alt text

Select the first one :

alt text

Here you can see the ready made transforamtion between HL7v2 to SDA to FHIR.

Use the FHIR Client

Click on arrow between IRIS and FHIR Client :

alt text

The small swagger give you the opportunity to query in FHIR the populated repo from HL7v2 message or from the FHIR Client.

Example :

alt text

Use the SQL Client

Click on arrow between IRIS and SQL Client :

alt text

From here you can see all the FHIR ressources in an SQL relational way.

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