Failed to register in DC

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DC Feedback

Some new participants to DC failed to register with no clear feedback.
They received a mail like this:

InterSystems Account Registration
We detected a new registration with this email address. If this was you trying to reset your password, you can do that by clicking the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page. 
If this wasn't you, please contact ISC Support.

InterSystems Support

Which is correct but  quite misleading.

As far as I could investigate DC is using SingleSignOn of WRC.
IF "the new registrant is unknown to WRC" everything works fine

ELSEIF "he has used the mail address already used for access to WRC" (which is quite common)
THEN    SSO expects the password for WRC access and NOT a new one.

But nobody tells him beforehand and not afterwards what was expected !

Solution #1 : tell participants to have the WRC password ready if using the same mail address

Solution #2: log in directly to SSO (of course again with the correct password or a fresh changed one)
and select Developer Community from Application Catalog then. 
(of course again with the correct password or a fresh changed one)



If you follow the URL displayed in your browser it becomes obvious what's going on.
for DC:
for WRC:

both have separate registration and DC users don't have automatic access to WRC
similar WRC users don't have automatic access to DC.
But both have the same sign on / login. That's what SSO is supposed to do.