· Apr 27

Failed to allocate TCP Buffer for zlib compress.

While performing the IRIS upgrade on our backup test server I noticed the following error in the messages log after restarting IRIS:

04/26/24-16:28:36:788 (5701964) 1 [Utility.Event] (HSHCPRT) Failed to retrieve journal file #9567 from FCHHSHCPRTTX02/PRT: Failed to allocate a 33686036 byte tcp buffer for zlib compress.

Stumped on this one, I logged a WRC and looked at some things with support but was not able to resolve the issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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I suspect that's too small, but there are MANY missing details to consider and I might be wrong.

gmheap documentation is here.

Note that for new installation the value is 0 (zero), in that case:

the system will configure the size of gmheap to be 3% of the total memory configured for global buffers. The minimum gmheap will be configured to is 307,200 KB (300 MB) and the maximum is 2,097,000 KB (2 GB)

So, your gmheap is about 1/3 of current default.