Werner Noske · Jan 10, 2022

Exporting Data from IRIS 2020 Community edition

I started some development with the IRIS 2020.4 version and did not continue it for some months.

Now I just wanted to continue, but saw the license is not valid anymore.

Is there still a possibility to upgrade to 2021.2 community edition and to recover the globals from the old edition without having a valid license key?

Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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Just install a newer version over that old one, and everything will be ok. In some cases, it is possible that some changes in code would be needed. And you may look at the documentation for some information about the release

But you can install a 2nd (new version) Instance on your server in parallel and mount the OLD iris.DAT
just as an additional DB. And then copy whatever you need. 

Thank you - that worked for me.

if you have access to WRC you may ask for an evaluation license
(also for community edition)

You should still be able to get into the instance while it has an expired key ... you just can't make multiple simultaneous connections to it.  You can also grab the iris.dat files from the file system (which actually stores the globals) and then mount them to another instance.  Or you can just upgrade that instance to a new version of the Community Edition (which is likely the easiest approach)