Export data to SQL format

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Thanks Robert, but I cant get from PostgreSQL server to the Cache Server thats why I need to export the data, but this information help me with another problem.

Thanks a lot.

The so-called SQLformat doesn't exist in Caché (at least not in the last 20 years)
But over the gateway, you can move data from Caché to PostgeSQL.  "from a table on CACHE  to a POSTGRESQL table"

So you need a trigger to do it:
- Caché has to be the active part here
you can start the upload over a webservice, an REST call, even as an SQLprocedure, or automatically by the scheduler
And if you don't want to touch your target table directly you may have a shadow-copy in PostgreSQL that
then serves as a source for your final updates.  ( some INSERT...SELECT....)

So instead of import from CSV, you do an import from a local table in PostgreSQL
Anything is better than CSV.
This would even allow filling your shadow over the day in small steps instead of a big bang (if needed)

Hi Evgeny, I dont know if this exist on cache, but on PostgreSQL you can export the data as SQL format (on a dump file). 

And I was thinking there is maybe a way to export data from cache as this format (SQL format).

This exists on Cache? 

Thanks and sorry for the delay to answer.

And this "SQL format" could be imported then into PostgreSQL only or to any SQL-driven DBMS?

There is no such feature in IRIS, but if you share an example I think it could be baked shortly.

IRIS can export data into Globals format in Global output file (GOF), or XML. which could be imported then into any IRIS.

And you can export CSV file from IRIS class/table.