· Aug 12, 2016

Export and Import Web Files

Hello, guys.

I need to find all web files, get their content in UDL format and to be able to export them. And, vice versa, to be able to import them in udl format.

I know that they are located in CSP folder. However, is there any way to do this using COS functions?

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UDL format is for classes only, and this format how that classes looks in Studio.

Export web files, available as any others in XML format with $system.OBJ.Export()

USER>d $system.OBJ.Export("/csp/user/*.*","export.xml")

Exporting to XML started on 08/24/2016 20:52:44
Exporting CSP/CSR or file: /csp/user/ML_Util.js
Exporting CSP/CSR or file: /csp/user/menu.csp
Exporting CSP/CSR or file: /csp/user/showsource.csp
Export finished successfully.

And all web files stores as files in the directory for this web-application, so you can get it directly, but native export/import works only in XML