Kishan Ravindran · May 10, 2017

Examples of using FHIR With InterSystems Caché

Is there any simple code in Cache using FHIR to understand the relationship between them? If so can anyone provide some example.

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Hi Kishan

I think it would help to have a little bit more information on your particular use case for FHIR.  

FHIR is the latest standard to be developed under the HL7 organization. Pronounced 'Fire' , FHIR stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.  FHIR is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.  The FHIR standard is just that, a standard, and as is the case for all standards, requires implementation.  Complete details about the FHIR standard are publically available on the internet at

There is no specific functionality built into the InterSystems Cache product to support the FHIR standard, although InterSystems Cache could be used to develop an implementation of the FHIR standard.  Such an implementation, done with Cache, would require a significant amount of development

On the other hand InterSystems HealthShare does have specific libraries included that can make working with the FHIR standard much easier, but this obviously would depend upon what your exact use-case for FHIR was.  If you could provide additional information as to what you are wanting to do with FHIR it would make answering your question much easier.