alvin tao · Mar 5, 2021


What are the differences among HealthShare Health Connect HL7 Interface Specialist, InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist and HealthShare Unified Care Record Technical Specialist these 3 certifications? And what are the prerequizites for these 3 exams?

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Hi Alvin,


Please check the attached link for the certification program description.


And you can click each one to get the detail description.

比如HealthShare Health Connect HL7 Interface Specialist的详细说明见下面的链接

For example, the detail description for "HealthShare Health Connect HL7 Interface Specialist" as followed link.

Hi, Li Yan,

Thank you for answering that so well! If anyone has individual questions about our exams or our program, please know that you can always write the certification team at InterSystems here: and we're always happy to help. 

Best regards, 

Jamie Kantor, Certification Manager, InterSystems