Murali krishnan · Jul 12, 2017

Estimation techniques in intersystems

how do we do estimation in Intersystems ? what is the unit of  work that we refer for intersystems ? let's say for example if we to add 200 fields how many business classes ( Business service, Business process, Business operations) that we must change  ?

Any thumb rule ? Please let know

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Please consider clarifying your question.

InterSystems Caché is a database, so adding 200 fields is fairly straightforward.

InterSystems Ensemble is a ESB. It has Business Hosts (Business services, Business processes, Business operations). They manipulate data stored in Caché database based on arbitrary rules.

Let' s say for 200 fields at a high level how many business classes that we might need to change...Please let know. How much of reusability % that we can factor in ?

Noone would give you exact numbers. It really depends on your use case.

However, adding 200 properties to an Ensemble message (not considering other classes as you pass just messages) may either simp0ly mean that you add 200 properties to ONE class or to MANY classes, depending how clever the original design of your production was.

You may, or with the same probability many not, need to change the message design and switch to virtual documents ... it really depends on many factors unique to your particular use case - throughput expected, load of data incoming etc etc... 

As Dan already explained, there isn't a way to say this in a generalized manner. Code, and especially Ensemble code, is highly specialized to each customer's needs.  You are actually in the best position to gauge the impact of adding a field to a class: how much code is touching the class? How much of the code is going to rely on your new fields? etc.