Jude Mukkadayil · Aug 15, 2019

Error on Trakcare Report


    I am trying to create a new report on Trakcare. I created a class file and corresponding crystal report . It works fine and data is populating when I try to run on crystal environment. But when I make a setup on Trakcare and click on print option, I am getting an error on print history " VB error in tkCrystalJob] Error number[-2147417848] Method '~' of object '~' failed [at line 421]". If I click on print preview option its going to empty browser. Inorder to setup new report, already made set up on report manager and menu manager.

Can anyone have any idea abt this error?



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Hi Jude,

For questions like this you should use TRC -- this is likely related to your environment setup which shouldn't be shared publicly and there are not many Trak people on the Developer community anyway.