Aaron Vail · Oct 14, 2019

Error importing file for CSV Wizard

I'm trying to create a new Record Map but I keep getting a ZEN Exception error.  I actually go this to work the very first time I did it and have a record map.  But I need to do more.

I'm working on my local machine so I can grab a CSV (or txt in this case as it's pipe delimited) from the local directory.  I pick the file I want to use but when I click OK i get a popup and the following error:


A JavaScript exception was caught in function function
SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "update" on cross-origin object
Stack trace:
js:zenExceptionHandler(SecurityError: Permission denie...,[object Arguments])
js:zenInvokeCallbackMethod(zenPage.dialogFinish();,[object Object],onclick)
js:zenFireEvent(30,zenPage.dialogFinish();,onclick,[object MouseEvent])
js:onclick([object MouseEvent])
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Sorry ,
I assume this is out of date meanwhile.