Herb Salgado · Oct 13, 2021

ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPPutFailed: FTP: Failed to Put file '101320210700.RAW' (msg='Error in SFTP Put ERROR #7504: Timeout',code=0)

Hello All,

I am receiving this error when attempting to place a file in a local SFTP server. 

ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPPutFailed: FTP: Failed to Put file '101320210700.RAW' (msg='Error in SFTP Put('/healthshare/mgr/Temp/VPacx9a1eq0b5g.iostream','/SFTP/unmhsmcsa/OUT/101320210700.RAW') ERROR #7504: Timeout',code=0)

Any help is appreciated.


Below are my settings


Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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I use 'Cache for Windows 2018.1.4'.

The 'SetTraceMask' method of '%Net.SSH.Session' does not seem to exist: it is not in my documentation, nor proposed when encoding in VS.

Although in the console, it is accepted?!?


This is an "internal" method that has made its way into the wild. I'm going to file a ticket with ISC to check whether it should be made public.

Hello Vic,

I appreciate your help.  I was able to debug and find the problem with the timeout. 

A firewall rule needed to be reconfigured.

Thank you