Robert Arevalo · Sep 22, 2020

ERROR: "Connection timeout: check the web server configuration"

Buenas Tardes, soy nuevo y estoy tratando de conectar eclipse con Atelier para usar Intersystems IRIS

Recibo este error:  "Connection timeout: check the web server configuration"

Alguno sabe como resolverlo?  Tengo que instalar algo más? 

Uso Windows 10 pro 

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This indicates a problem with your web server settings in Atelier - is localhost:57772 the appropriate setting? If this is a local instance of IRIS and you are using the private web server, your messages.log will show: "Private webserver started on #####" which is the port you would want to use here.

Hola Vic Sun gracias por responder, cual seria la configuración adecuada? he visto tutoriales y leido documentación y todos se conectan a local con esos datos, no sé que este haciendo mal o si me falta instalar algo


57772 was the default web server port for Caché, but for IRIS the default port is 52773. This setting is configurable, so you can check the messages.log in <install directory>/mgr/ to confirm which port is being used with the message I described in my previous comment.

Alternatively, "iris list" will also tell you the port number.