· Apr 14, 2023

Error with AutoML

Does anyone have any idea why there is such an error during model training? How can I change providers if my application does not have a management portal?

[S1000][400] [SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>] [Location: <ServerLoop>] [%msg: <ERROR #8104: Gateway Exception: <GATEWAY> java.lang.RuntimeException ai.h2o.automl.AutoML.inferDistribution( Number of domains is equal to 1.>]

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Andrey, we only support H2O as a Provider in the InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML service. Kinshuk has pointed out that you can make different H2O configurations, each with different default settings you can set with "USING".

But I think the problem is with your data.

Although I haven't seen that error, and the message is not very helpful, the beauty of open source is that you can see (a newer version of) the code for that method "inferDistribution" here -- the code is analyzing the response (target) column and looking at the statistics of the categories. In your case, it only found one category, and needs to find 2 or more.

Please check the data and see if you have reasonable values in your target column. If so, I am happy to dig in further with you and resolve the issue :)