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Error #988: SSL connection failed. SSL/TLS error in SSL_read(), SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL: I/O error (54)

I am trying to connect the external application. Authenticating via Two SSL,


I have the Client Cert, Private key and the Root Certificate

The connection is successful from local (both via terminal and as well via Postman)

But when trying from IRIS application by configuring the certificates in the SSL configuration, i am not able to successfully verify the SSl connections

When test from the ssl configuration with the endpoint and port its gives the error Error #988: SSL connection failed. SSL/TLS error in SSL_read(), SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL: I/O error (54)


I am also seeing the error when the Http request using this ssl certificate

Text: 70 ÌÑ"<READ>Read+28^%Net.HttpRequest.1'˜ e^Read+55^%Net.HttpRequest.1^2!e^Send+221^%Net.HttpRequest.1^18e^SendFormDataArray+64^EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter.1^12e^SendFormData+1^EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter.1^1/e^VirtualAccountRequest+31^^1'e^MessageHandler+6^^1.e^MessageHeaderHandler+23^^1e^OnTask+42^Ens.Host.1^1e^Start+62^Ens.Job.1^2$d^StartEnsembleJob+6^|"%SYS"|STU^1d^^^0


It appears to be due to the ssl configurations.


I have verified the certs , keys format, all looks fine,

The same has been working fine in local


its not working via IRIS application


Any advise

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Apple macOS for Apple Silicon) 2023.2 (Build 204U) Mon Jun 5 2023 10:52:53 EDT
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When you are connecting through Postman or terminal, it establishes the chain of trust using the public CAs stored in trusted certificate store on your machine, or the application.

In IRIS you have to give the entire chain and not just the root certificate, if there is an Intermediate CA which is signing either your client or the server's cert, you can extract the entire chain using your browser as well or through openssl too.

The issues is not with the certificates.

Got help from WRC.

The problem is that the SSL/TLS test code sends the following request after the handshake:

Set request="GET / HTTP/1.0"

Write request,!,!

Read reply:5

The server responds by closing the connection.

Hence the test was never successful,

The actual Http Request is successful though the ssl test from ssl/tls configurations is failed , misleading issue is with the certificates

Its actual issue solved  now