· Jan 6

ERROR #7602: how can I exported?

Dear experts,

I'm trying exported a project from version '2012.5' to '2018.1.4' but is returning ERROR #7602.
Please, could you help me. How can I do it?
Below is steps that I did:

ACB>D $System.OBJ.Load("C:\GlobalPatch.xml")
Load started on 01/07/2024 00:06:51
Loading file C:\GlobalPatch.xml as xml
Imported global: ^GlobalPatch
Load finished successfully.
ACB>Set sc = ##class(%Studio.Project).InstallFromGbl("^GlobalPatch","fv")
ERROR #7602: Exported on version '2012.5' but this machine on version '2018.1.4' so unable to import

Thank you.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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