· Jan 23, 2017

error #6235 unexpected namespace for tag


I am a new member here . Could you help me to resolve the problem?

While sending request to WebServer I'm getting error: ERROR #6235: Unexpected namespace for tag CardData :

                    <CardData xmlns="">
                        <IBAN xmlns="">-</IBAN>
                        <ACCOUNT_BALANCE xmlns="">0.00</ACCOUNT_BALANCE>
                        <AVAILABLE_AMOUNT xmlns="">0.00</AVAILABLE_AMOUNT>
                        <CREDIT_LIMIT xmlns="">0.00</CREDIT_LIMIT>
                        <MAXIMUM_INSTALMENT xmlns="">0.00</MAXIMUM_INSTALMENT>
                        <MINIMUM_INSTALMENT xmlns="">0.00</MINIMUM_INSTALMENT>
                        <OVERDRAFT_AMOUNT xmlns="">0.00</OVERDRAFT_AMOUNT>
                        <TO_BE_PAID_FOR_MINIMUM_INST xmlns="">0.00</TO_BE_PAID_FOR_MINIMUM_INST>
                        <TOTAL_OVERDUE xmlns="">0.00</TOTAL_OVERDUE>
                        <ExpirationDate xmlns="">2017-01-20T10:04:34.3333437+06:00</ExpirationDate>

Is there a way to avoid the issue ?

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Hi Token.

a) Please notice, WSDL that you provided is not correct.

For example, try to validate it in

Or, download SOAP UI and try to create SOAP project based on this wsdl.

You'll see errors.

I've tried to import this WSDL into 2012.2.5 and got following error:
ERROR #6294: Cannot find message part in schema: Classname not found for http://halykws/::GetContractsExt

b) Version you have is almost 7 years old. Please consider upgrading.
Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for x86-64) 2010.1.2 (Build 600U) Mon May 10 2010 23:28:54 EDT

c) If you need further help with this, please open WRC issue.

In any case, first thing you need to do is to have valid WSDL.

Hi Token.

As I understand XML you provided in the beginning is the response to the SOAP request you are doing.

If that's correct, than this response is not validated with XML Schema from provided WSDL. You should check with developers who maintain this SOAP service if WSDL you have is correct.

Also you might try to change

Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

in Class Data.SOAP.CardData to

Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

Even if this helps, this would be temporary solution for one particular request, other might fail if you have not-correct WSDL.