· Jan 18, 2021

ERROR #5012:


I have created a record map that I am going to use to parse a flat file coming into Ensemble. From there I am trying to send the parsed out data as emails to patients. I am getting this error when the Service tries to locate the file and send it finds the file (as it states in the error message). So why does it say it does not exist?

15:16:09.420 ERROR #5012: File '/ens/mgr/interfacefiles/test/test22forOPBHSHAWD.txt' does not exist

Thanks for your insight!

Product version: Ensemble 2016.1
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Hi Joe,

That error doesn't indicate that it found the file, it just describes the path where it is looking for the file (per your configuration). If Ensemble can't access a file despite the file existing, this is likely an OS permissions issue. I would check to make sure the OS user Ensemble is using has permission to access the directories/file.

Outside of that, perhaps there would be other helpful evidence in the OS log, Ensemble ^SYSLOG, or the Ensemble event log.