Dinesh M · Nov 30, 2017

ERROR #5002: Cache error: <TRANSLATE>zRead+195^%Net.HttpRequest.1

Hi All,

       Am getting  the following error while try communicate with one ensemble from another ensemble using SOAP Adapter

             ERROR #5002: Cache error: <TRANSLATE>zRead+195^%Net.HttpRequest.1

      Any suggestions on this?





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What Ensemble version(s)? And what NLS Locales? On more recent Ensembles you can get both these pieces of information via the About link at the top left of Portal:

Thanks for your response.


Cache for UNIX (Oracle Solaris for x86-64) 2015.1.2 (Build 607_2U) this is the version



Thanks for the effort. I will give a try.

Using the extra info from Dinesh, here's what I did to investigate. Admittedly I was on a 2015.1.0 Ensemble on Windows, but the classes are unlikely to have many differences between this and his 2015.1.2 on Solaris.

First I cleared the read-only flag on the CACHELIB database that stores %Net.HttpRequest:

Then I loaded the class into Studio (for safety I set the read-only checkbox during opening), compiled it, used the View\View Other Code option (Ctrl+Shift+V) and jumped to the line of the error Dinesh reported.

I reset the "Always Mount Read-Only" checkbox on CACHELIB, to prevent accidental changes.

In the code several things caught my eye:


Maybe disable the GZIP feature on your SOAP adapters and see if the problem persists. Searching the InterSystems doc for the term GZIPOUTPUT may give you clues (I'm no expert in this area).

I also recommend you ask InterSystems Support (WRC) for help on this, particularly as you're running on a less common platform (Solaris).

It's possible that a Solaris patch could have broken something. I strongly recommend you contact WRC about this.

Thanks John for your responses. Its worked after reverting the Solaris patches.

Hi John,

     I have looked at that GZIPOUTPUT  it looking fine. Also the system was working fine before. After i have installed a solaris patch to the system its not working.

     So updating OS will impact the ensemble functionality?

      Any suggestions?