· Jun 6, 2016

Ens.StreamContainer in Message Trace


Why I don't see the full content of a XML file inside a Ens.StreamContainer Message?

When  I look into the content I only see:

<?xml version="1.0" ?><!-- type: Ens.StreamContainer  id: 5 -->

How I can see all the content? There is any setting to modify this behavior?

I am using a EnsLib.File.PassthroughService,


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If you disable the Business Operation you will see e.g. the XML file in the message browser.
The inbound file adapter doesn't delete the stream as long as it is in transit.

As far as I know there is no explicit storage in the Ensemble database for long term availability.
As soon as the Business Operation has **successfully** written the stream to it's device the incoming stream is deleted. 
To archive the incoming file in the filesystem, use the setting ArchivePath. To be able to work asynchronously with the business operation look at the setting WorkPath.

To have permanent view to the stream content it would be needed to be available. You might think of building your own message class and inherit from the Passthrough Service. The Passthrough Operation uses the property named Stream in its Request Message.  But be careful with the potential needed amount of storage. The current implementation is intended to achieve a high throughput.