· May 20, 2021

EnsLib.File.PassthroughService not recognizing timestamp

The file passthrough service isn't recognizing the timestamp variables.  I tried multiple iterations of using timestamp variables without any luck.

The filename format is DCVaccine_20210520.txt.

The current File Spec is "DCVaccine_%Y%m%d.txt" in the service.

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2020.1 (Build 215U) Mon Mar 30 2020 20:14:33 EDT [HealthConnect:2.1.0]
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File Specs for services support wildcards, but not the complex time stamp specifications that are used for outputting filenames from an operation.

File Spec
Filename or wildcard file specification for file(s) to retrieve. For the wildcard specification, use the convention that is appropriate for the operating system on the local InterSystems IRIS Interoperability machine.