David Reche · Jul 14, 2017

Ens.FileInboundAdapter consuming files in sequence order


We need to consume files (right now using FileInboundAdapter) with a strict order.


File order will be A, B, C. Suppose A, B and C will be the names of the files.

Then B will never be consumed before A or after C.

How deal with this? Any idea?


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Pool size = 1 should be enough.

Call stack:

  • EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter class, OnInit method
  • EnsLib.File.Common class, DeepList query
  • EnsLib.File.Common class, FileList query
  • %File class, FileSet  query (without providing sortby argument)

FileSet  query then sorts by filename in lowercase (with added whitespace in the beginning).

I thought you needed an alphabetical consumption. What order do you need?

You can get one of these fairly easy:

  • Name - the name of the file (the default)
  • Type - file type
  • DateCreated - the date the file was created
  • DateModified - the date the file was last modified
  • Size - the file size

But Eduard, the file order is not alphabetical, I guess your solution is only for alphabetical consumption