Shilpi Yerramsetti · Oct 18

Ensemble TCP - ASTM Message Parsing

Hello Everyone ,

From Serial Device , i am getting only <CR> as line terminator , but ensemble expects <cr><lf> as line terminator . I couldnt change Line Terminator values in parser . Need help please





Product version: Ensemble 2013.1
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I don't have access to Ensemble 2013.1, unfortunately.

I'm not seeing anything that looks like a Serial adapter/service in the most recent versions of Ensemble/HealthConnect, though. Is the inbound service a custom class? (EDIT: Subject mentions TCP, but reply still mostly applies).

You should be able to extend the class, replacing the $C(13) character with $C(13,10) in the the OnProcessInput() callback method before sending the message to the routing process.