· Sep 28, 2015 1m read

Ensemble in a Service Oriented Architecture

How do you balance the need to achieve an early success with SOA against the requirement for an architecture that will deliver long term success? You don't want to get bogged down in architectural committees for three years, but you don't want to make short term decisions that will be roadblocks to long term success.

If your first project is to deploy a small number of reusable services in a matter of months but you know that four years from now you might have hundreds of services, an enterprise SOA infrastructure and specialized governance technology you have a dilemma. How do you move forward quickly without defeating your ultimate strategy?

One practical solution is to use a single enterprise integration platform that incorporates all of the functionality of an ESB and SOA backplane and can scale to the largest solutions. By using a single development and management technology Ensemble you can move forward quickly so that your first projects are successful in record time and ensure that in the long term, you have a scalable robust solution.

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