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Ensemble Operation: Calling a SQL Stored Procedure

We use the Caché JDBC Gateway to Oracle and SQL servers to directly invoke their stored procedures from Ensemble. Getting quick, inline data results back are typically handled within the Functions.Library class as a function to wrap the query and format the return appropriately.

But what about more elaborate stored procedures made for posting data without log-jamming a Router?  The operations to construct those data pipelines can get tedious, especially when changes are needed.  What follows is a code generator to make a new Ensemble Message class from a SQL Stored Procedure that is compatible to send off to a Business Operation.  Its package source listing is attached.

Working example:

Step 1)  Import the SQL Stored Procedure Call via SMP Explorer: SQL Link Wizard

Step 2)  Create your new project class that points to the SQL proxy class name created by the Wizard:

Class Pacs.JDBC.MakeImageLab Extends Common.JDBC.MakeRequestClass
  // supply the name of the JDBC proxy class created by SQL Link Procedure Wizard.
  Parameter LINK = "dbo.Imagehl7add1";
  // supply the name of the generated message class for DTL
  Parameter MAKE = "Pacs.JDBC.ImageLabRequest";

Step 3)  Upon Save & Compile of Step #2, a new Message class generates using the name supplied to MAKE

/// auto-generated by Common.JDBC.MakeRequestClass via Pacs.JDBC.MakeImageLab
/// Authored by Robert Hurst
Class Pacs.JDBC.ImageLabRequest Extends Common.JDBC.StoredProcedureRequest [ GeneratedBy = Pacs.JDBC.MakeImageLab.CLS, Not ProcedureBlock ]
Property x01mrn As %String(MAXLEN = 20);
Property x02ptname As %String(MAXLEN = 50);
Property x03gender As %String(MAXLEN = 1);
Property x04dob As %TimeStamp;
Property x05clipnum As %String(MAXLEN = 75);
Property x06studydesc As %String(MAXLEN = 200);
Property x07observdt As %TimeStamp;
Property x08orderphys As %String(MAXLEN = 80);
Property x09clinicalinfo As %String(MAXLEN = 300);
Property x10billingcode As %String(MAXLEN = 20);
Property x11ptnameCCC As %String(MAXLEN = 50);
Property x12reporttext As %Stream.GlobalCharacter;
Property x13reportdt As %TimeStamp;
Property x14reportstatus As %String(MAXLEN = 12);
Property x15reportby As %String(MAXLEN = 500);
Property x16ordercomments As %String(MAXLEN = 2500);

/// supply whether message class is a group of messages, or not
  Parameter GROUP As INTEGER = 0; /// the name of the JDBC proxy class created by SQL Link Procedure Wizard
  Parameter LINK = "dbo.Imagehl7add1"; 

Note the prefix used in front of each parameter name.  That is to enforce its ordinal position when it goes to display within the DTL Builder:

Step 4)  Create your target Business Operation using the JDBC.StoredProcedureOperation class, supplying the inbound message name into its Additional Settings RequestClassname field presented.  In this working example, the target message classname out of the DTL: Pacs.JDBC.ImageLabRequest

Rinse-lather-repeat with other SQL stored procedures.  Onward!

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