Graham Hartley · Feb 23, 2016

Ensemble 2016.1


Does anybody know when Ensemble 2016.1 will be general availability?

We are holding off upgrading, providing the wait won't be too long.



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It has been finished for months. We are chasing down a few issues that cropped up in the final rounds of QD. We do not promise specific dates but its status has been "imminent" since Jan 1. It will ship in Q1

Is a HealthShare build based on 2016.1 going to be available as soon as 2016.1 is released, or, should I expect a significant delay (weeks) for HealthShare build based on 2016.1 ?  Would like to upgrade to the latest release due to resourcing issues and need to weigh up my options

Hi Andy,

We are working on a maintenance release of HealthShare (Version 14.02) that is based on Ensemble 2016.1. We expect it to be released approximately 1 - 2 weeks after the release of Ensemble 2016.1.

Additionally, the next major release of HealthShare (Version 15) planned for Q2 will also be based on Ensemble 2016.1. 


Matthew Spielman, Product Manager
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